How to increase testosterone levels naturally

Testosterone is a hormone that is produced naturally in both men and women. Even though women produce it too, they produce much less of it than a man does. It’s the hormone that makes a man “manly.” For a man, producing enough of this hormone is vital. It’s essential for both his health and his sex life. Having adequate testosterone levels lead to an array of benefits. The following are some signs that you are enjoying high levels of testosterone:

  • High energy
  • A good sex drive
  • Good strength and muscle mass
  • Confidence
  • A sense of well-being

Unfortunately, there are many men out there who have T levels so low that they suffer from numerous health problems as a consequence. Low testosterone levels can cause:

  • Low sex drive
  • Loss of muscle mass
  • Fatigue
  • Hair loss
  • Erectile Disfunction

Not to worry though, fortunately, there are several changes that you can incorporate into your daily routine to increase your testosterone levels naturally, and we will show you how. Now, keep in mind that implementing one or two suggestions will not have your testosterone levels go through the roof overnight. They will, however, help you to slowly and naturally increase your testosterone levels. The best thing to do is to implement as many of these as you can into your daily routine and have a little patience.

How to increase testosterone levels naturally:

  1. Slim down – Body fat contains a natural enzyme by the name of aromatase that converts your testosterone into estrogen, thus decreasing your testosterone levels. The fatter you are, the less testosterone you’ll have.
  2. Sleep well – Studies from the University of Chicago have shown that less sleep = less testosterone. This is because of the production of testosterone peaking during REM sleep. Cutting down on the amount of REM cuts down on your testosterone levels as well.
  3. Vitamin D – Your testosterone levels can increase significantly just by having a higher intake of vitamin D. Without it, your testosterone levels begin to drop.
  4. Zinc – This is one powerful mineral. This marvelous chemical element has shown to have major effects on testosterone levels. It can help boost your T levels significantly if proper amounts of it are taken, yet it can also be devastating to ignore it and not consume enough of it.
  5. Be more active – You can increase your testosterone levels naturally by over 50% simply by exercising. Certain types of exercise though are far more efficient than others at naturally increasing your testosterone levels. It’s recommended to do HIT and interval workouts as well as heavy weight lifting for optimal results in natural testosterone boosting.

Those are the main ways that you can increase your testosterone levels naturally. Hopefully, they will be of help, and you can begin reaping the benefits of high testosterone levels soon. There’s no need to involve dangerous options such as testosterone replacement therapy or steroid use when you can increase your testosterone levels naturally instead.