How to build muscle mass at home

Answering the question of how to build muscle mass at home is not as simple as we thought. There are three fundamental factors that will help us answer the question of how to build muscle mass at home: diet, rest, and exercise.


An increase in caloric intake is essential if we want to build muscle at home in a solid and constructive way. We should increase our diet by at least 500-100 calories daily.


Taking enough protein is critical in supporting muscle growth. Taking between 1.5-2 g of protein per kilo is a good fork in which we can move to cement our pillars.

Eat regularly

Instead of having two or three large meals per day, it is better for our muscles if we instead have multiple small meals throughout the day rather than two or three plentiful ones.


It is very important to get a few extra grams of lean mass. They really are not as miraculous as they seem, but I will not deny that they have their importance when it comes to how to build muscle mass at home.

Eat fat

Not only does it make food taste good, it is also good for us. As long as you are eating the correct types and amounts of fat that is. Saturated fats should be limited to about 20 grams or less. Depending on the total caloric intake, between 50 and 70 grams of monounsaturated or polyunsaturated fats is beneficial to our training, and your overall health.


Our body needs time to recover and to build damaged muscles, and it is necessary that we can at least have 8 hours of sleep each night. I will emphasize, 8 hours of quality sleep, it does not help that we do not rest completely, otherwise, our body will not recover the same way.